Four Step Advisory Process

"Whether you are an individual or an institution our defined process is the same, but our solutions for your specific financial goals and objectives will be based on your needs and desires."

Step 1: Understand

Our first priority is to understand your specific financial goals, objectives, and needs to customize a plan that is specific to you. We ask questions, lots of questions and we do our research to understand what is needed to create the best outcomes for you.

Step 2: Design

Our team of professionals then designs a plan for your unique financial situation. While the plan will look different from client to client, the outcome of optimizing your financial situation remains the same. Designing a plan includes looking for ways to simplify and optimize your investment strategy based on the level of risk you are comfortable assuming in your investment portfolio, creating tax efficiencies, and implementing financial strategies to maximize your net worth. 

Step 3: Implement

Once we understand your financial objectives and you agree to the plan we designed, we get to work and do the heavy lifting. This work involves opening accounts, transfers former accounts, implementing the investment strategy and executing upon financial plan strategies that will help to create tax efficiencies and maximize your financial resources and net worth. 

Step 4: Monitor

The only consistent in life is change. As such, we monitor market conditions, tax law, and other financial strategies in order to update your investment strategy and financial plan accordingly.

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