Transitioning into retirement comes with all sorts of questions and opportunities to maximize your financial situation. Common strategies we often help answer and implement with clients include:


We focus on educating you on topics that apply specifically to retirees, this includes:

  • Maximizing Social Security
  • How to replace your paycheck with your retirement savings
  • Medicare Education & Resources
  • Estate Planning for Retirement
  • Long Term Care Options
  • Planning for Healthcare Expenses in Retirement
  • Tax Minimization Strategies

Financial Plan

We help to coordinate your financial plan:

  • Help determine your financial goals & how much you can spend in retirement
  • Implement account withdrawals to replace your paycheck
  • Cash Flow Strategy (what account to withdrawal from first)
  • Monitor wealth accumulation & coordinate it with your estate plan.

Tax Strategies

We also work with your tax adviser to help implement tax efficient strategies including:

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions 
  • Asset Location for your investment strategy
  • Required Minimum Distributions 
  • ROTH IRA Conversions
  • Gifting of appreciated investments/assets
  • Donor Advised Funds

Investment Strategy

Investing in retirement is different than investing in your younger years. You are going from a phase of accumulation to a phase of distribution and this takes a different investment approach:

  • Risk Assessment: We will start by actively discussing your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons to determine an investment strategy that is appropriate for you. Much of which we cover in your financial plan. 
  • Four Step Process: Once we have completed your risk assessment we will implement our four-step investment process Historically institutions have been able to outperform the average investor. As such, we take an institutional approach when is comes to managing your investments. 
  • Investment Expenses: We look to keep investment costs low while also maximizing your investment returns.

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