Women in Transition



Navigating the loss of your spouse is incredibly difficult. We have helped many of our clients travel this road through providing support, guidance, education and financial advice as needed.



We want to help you obtain a fair settlement and then make the most of your financial situation going forward. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), Melissa Stewart, can work side-by-side with your attorney to help optimize your financial outcome.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Everything starts and is coordinated through our financial planning process. In order to optimize your financial situation, we first have to understand it and that happens through our four-step advisory process.

Tax Minimization

No one wants to pay more in taxes. We actively look to minimize your taxes in coordination with your tax advisor or CPA

  • Maximizing your deductions
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Coordinate employer provided retirement accounts, HSA, stock options, and deferred compensation plans
  • Partner with your tax advisor or CPA coordinate strategies if desired

Investment Strategy

Historically institutions have been able to outperform the average investor. As such, we take an institutional approach when is comes to managing your investments.

  • Risk Assessment:  We will actively discuss your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons to determine an investment strategy that is appropriate for you. Much of this is completed during our Financial Planning discussions.
  • Four Step Process: Once we have completed your risk assessment we will implement our four-step investment process.
  • Investment Expenses: We look to keep investment costs low while also maximizing your investment returns.

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